Christmas LAN, back to Ottawa and New Year’s

I had some good times in BC and met some amazing people but some things just didn’t work out the way I had planned them. Nevertheless the last week was definitely an experience with Brandon coming through for me and inviting me not only to some much needed family time but also to his Christmas LAN. Playing games, eating, drinking and staying up until seven in the morning at which point literally everything becomes hilarious.

  • LAN food
  • LAN drinks
  • LAN games
  • more games
  • and Mocca
  • athletic boi
  • (some of) the LAN boys
  • Christmas morning
  • Goodbye BC

Since I still really want to see the east coast before I head back to Germany, I decided to go back to Ottawa. I made some really good friends there and I even managed to get my job at Room Escape Ottawa back. I spent the days between the holidays at Jan’s place. We played games, ate some amazing food and I also got to hang out with his mom while he was busy. She is an amazing lady who absolutely spoiled me and I really enjoyed talking, cooking and baking “The Romanian Cake” with her.

Jan also invited me to a New Years Eve party with some of his polish friends. Again, there was amazing food, good people and lots of drinks. Also, I think it was the coldest NYE I have ever experienced: -25C!


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