Grad Photos and Victoria

I feel like I’ve pretty much settled into living in Maple Ridge. My job has changed a little bit over the last couple of weeks. School photo days are pretty much done and Eric’s company is mostly doing photo sessions for (soon to be) high school graduates now. Since training me as a grad photographer doesn’t really make sense for only one season, Eric has me working as his customer service representative now. That means I greet the students that come for their shooting, collect their money and assist the photographers.

The days are getting colder and more rainy now. Last weekend I took the ferry to Victoria to see Heather and pick up my winter tires that she kindly moved here from Ottawa. She took me down to the military harbor and gave me a tour of the HMCS Calgary, the ship that she is working on. A very unique experience. The ride on the ferry was quite an experience as well. With fall dressing the islands in the most beautiful colors.

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