Living in Maple Ridge

I’ve almost been living in BC for four weeks now and I have to say that it feels good to be back. Living with the Arksey family is a blast, the lower mainland is still as beautiful as I remember and my job as a school photographer is treating me well. After I arrived there was a week of training during which I got to know the team and was taught how to set up the equipment, posing as well as communicating with the clients. On the final day of training we had a barbecue and the week after we started. I usually work around four hours every day and during that time take around 350 photos.

  • training in the garage

But what I definitely enjoy the most is catching up with friends that I met in my exchange year over a decade ago. It’s just amazing to continue our friendship from so many years back as if nothing ever changed. 🙂

  • Bonus: former room mate visiting Vancouver

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