Big Canadian Road Trip: Day 9

Day 7: Regina: The city that rhymes with fun! When I first got to the capital of Saskatchewan I was pretty disappointed. The drive there was not very exciting since the Canadian prairies while having a certain charm get repetitive pretty quickly. Regina sits in the middle of what Wikipedia describes as “broad, flat, treeless and largely waterless plain” and driving into the city the first thing I saw were big chemical plants. Not the most inviting vista. But, as per usual, the people make all the difference and wow did I meet a cool dude here. My host Tim was pretty much the perfect couch surfing host and just generally awesome person. After working different jobs that he was never quite satisfied with, he one day decided to fully embrace his love for food and cooking and bought a food truck. In the morning of the day of my arrival he went to the farmers market and we ended up cooking a fantastic vegetarian meal together. Note: Tim is not a vegetarian, he bought fresh produce just to fit my eating habits. What an amazing guy. While Regina might not be the prettiest city, they do know how to do a certain thing close to my heart: brew beer. Tim took me to two local breweries. I ended up drinking a little too much and had an intense roller coaster ride on the couch after we got home, but the experience was definitely worth it.

  • yum!
  • many good beers
  • notice the lights?
  • even German named ones
  • Tanooki - funny name for a dog
  • doggos are friends
  • trusty car

Day 8: Feeling a little queasy, I set out on my trip to Calgary. The landscape was still a little boring but some hills started to appear here and there. My host in Calgary was Lauren, a doctor working on her specialization for public health. For some reason I forgot to take any photos of her beautiful apartment, but she made a killer sushi bowl for me and I made some soup from dried ingredients that I bought in St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. We spent a very relaxed evening and got up early. At that point I did not know how long the trip would be…

Day 9: Initially I set out to drive to Kamloops. It was definitely the most beautiful part of the drive landscape wise. The photos probably speak for themselves. I took a short break in Banff and had lunch at the Wild Flour Bakery (thanks Lauren for the suggestion!). On the way through the mountains traffic got stuck twice. Once because of a tipped truck and once because of a rock slide. I used both times to ride my penny board on the shoulder of the road. 😀
When I came to Kamloops at 20:00 I had not found a host for the night. I looked at my phone and noticed that it would be around 4 more hours to get to Maple Ridge. Since I didn’t feel like sleeping in my car, I decided to get another red bull and drive all the way. I unfortunately missed all of the scenery, but it did feel good to arrive and have Eric wait for me in the kitchen with a cold beer in the fridge. 🙂

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