Big Canadian Road Trip: Day 6

Day 4: The next stop on my trip was Thunder Bay which almost ended up being a disaster. The drive around lake superior was amazing and I had some really nice views. But the person I had contacted to couch surf with turned out not to be a very good host, so I instead stayed with Annie. We took her bikes to get Gelato (Strawberry Balsamic and Mango) and then sat at the marina talking and looking at the pretty lights of the city. 🙂

  • Lake Superior
  • Gelato
  • Marina
  • Annie's porch
  • Annie's backyard

Day 5/6: Winnipeg was absolutely amazing. Mostly because of my awesome couch surfing host. Dylan greeted me with a big welcoming smile and I instantly felt at home. His ex had recently moved out and he was eager to go out and do something. So we took his long boards and a couple of beers and went out to see the city by night. I had an absolute blast. The air was still warm and it felt good to be moving after spending the whole day in the car. We came by an open mic stage and sat down to listen to some genuine Winnipeg music and poetry. I had such a good time with Dylan that I decided to stay another day. I got to hang out with his dog Lulu, an absolut beauty, young and full of energy, and his son Ryder, pro at catching and tossing beach balls. Dylan and I decided that we would meet again for surfing in Tofino in December.

  • Dylan playing my 12-string
  • beers and long boards
  • at the skate park
  • Lulu the dog
  • Dylan and his son Ryder

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