Big Canadian Road Trip: Day 3

I’m sitting in a camping chair with my phone in my hand and a beer next to me in lot 6 of the rabbit blanket campground.
I can hardly believe that it has only been three days. Ottawa already seems so far away (1336km to be exact).

Day 1: I went from Ottawa to Toronto. I underestimated the time it would take to pack all of my things and so I arrived in Toronto around 21:30. Luckily my couchsurfing host Jonas was still up working on a business proposal and welcomed me into his apartment with a big smile. He was an amazingly friendy person who suggested I enjoy the view from his balcony while he was finishing up. He lives in a high rise appartement very close to downtown and the view at the illuminated skyscrapers against the by then pitch black sky was simply breathtaking. A little later I got to meet Mary and Steven, a young couple from the states who celebrated their 3 month anniversary with a trip to Montreal and then Toronto where they saw one of their favorite bands. We all stayed up until two in the morning drinking wine and talking.


Day 2: Initially I wanted to get back on the road the next morning but after the beautiful scenery, I changed my mind and decided to stay in Toronto for half a day until I eventually moved on to Sudbury. I could not find a couch surfing host there unfortunately and when I came up to the camp ground where I wanted to spend the night it was pouring. The grounds keeper actually advised me not to set up tent since they expected a thunderstorm at night and instead suggested that I should get a motel room which I ended up doing.

Day 3: One of the couch surfers I contacted to host me in Sudbury gave me the number of one of her friends. She wouldn’t be able to host me but she would show me around the city the next day. So at 11:00 I got to meet Pritha. She took me on a walk around Ramsey Lake and showed me some of her favorite spots and even a little rock she found that had a very simple yet beautiful message. When it started to rain, we went to a beautifully quirky restaurant with the name The Laughing Buddha. After that I went on to Lake Superior Provincial Park and the camp grounds I am now staying at. Oh, I did have a little stop at the Canadian Carver where I received my first full service gas fill up and took some snaps of some of the funny signs they sold there.

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