New Car, New Place and Canoeing

Getting a car was one of my top priorities from the moment I came to Ottawa. Not only does OC Transpo not hold up to German public transport standards but I also need a ride for when I will move to BC later in August. Fortunately Brandon wanted to get rid of his 2007 Hyundai Accent and I picked up a pretty good deal. Added bonus: deterrence to car thieves because of manual transmission. 😀

Since Heather is getting deployed to Victoria by the Navy I had to find a new place to stay for the remaining weeks. Again, I got lucky. My friend Léna is traveling to Europe to the summer and let me stay in her room. She has two roommates living with her: Ravi and Conall two guys in their early twenties.

  • Last day with Brandon and Léna
  • Léna's home - now mine
  • Ravi

Before Heather left, we decided to end our time together with a canoeing trip on the Rideau Canal, a waterway connecting Ottawa to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River. We had planned for a 4 day trip but got cut one day short because of a severe thunderstorm with lightning beating us out of the water. We had to trespass into someones backyard and to hide under their gazebo from rain and hail. Fortunately Heather’s Roommate picked us up with the car.

  • First day - rain!
  • good food is important
  • beautiful locks and our first campground
  • our refuge during the storm
  • just before getting picked up

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