Montréal, je t’aime

If you don’t know, I have been playing a card game called Magic: The Gathering for a little over a year now. The company that makes that game is called  Wizards of the Coast or WotC for short and they host open tournaments in different cities pretty much every weekend. I have already gone to one of these events in Madrid with my Magic buddies from Switzerland in December last year and I wanted to go to the one in Montreal last weekend, May 19th to 21st. The only problem was that I didn’t have anyone to go with yet. So when I heard a guys talk about the GP last week at a game store I go to every week, I just asked him if I could tag along. He didn’t mind and so I was introduced to a group of people who call themselves “dem boyz”. It’s a bunch of guys who met playing Magic in Ottawa and they were a little skeptical at first. But fortunately the skepticism faded quickly. I got along great with all of them and by the end of the day, I felt like I would have known them for quite a while already. What might have helped is that I did very well in our first tournament and had the chance to represent “dem boyz” in being one of the top 8 players of about 180 people.

I really liked Montreal as a city. For some reason I did not have very high expectations but when I started walking through the streets I felt that this city was special. It combines high rises, steel and glass, public yards, art installations and a vibrant nightlife to make something that made me think “I want to be part of this”. Oh and they had swings that light up! How cool is that? Also there are these bike stations called Bixie where you can just rent a bike and drop it off at a different station, which I found is a pretty cool way to get around the city.

Anyway, after we played magic dem boyz and I went to the most famous place for Poutine in Montreal. We were really tired and hungry after a day of playing. What we didn’t know just how far off the metro network this place was and when we got there we had to wait in line before we could actually eat, but it was totally worth it. If you should ever be in Montreal, check out La Banquise.

I decided to stay in Montreal for another day to explore the city and meet Maria who I originally met on my flight from Zurich to Montreal.

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