Second Week – Heather

When Bernard and Jonathan left for the camping ground where they were going to spend the summer I had to find another place to stay. Luckily I found another host on – Heather. She lives pretty close to downtown, has a dog called Nika and a roommate Denise who also has a dog called Eva. After getting to her place by bus (which was not fun with the two heavy suitcases) she invited me to walk the dogs with her. I got to see the park and the surrounding area and the dog had a chance to get to know me.

Heather let me borrow her bike wich came in addition to a lock with another thief repellent: a coat of pink spray paint which I thought was awesome. 😀 I spent the next day exploring downtown and the parliament building as well as playing magic.

The next day Heather invited me to have lunch with her and her colleagues. She works as a Combat Systems Engineer for the Canadian Navy in Gatineau, which is the city on the Quebec side of the Ottawa river. One of those friends, Brandon invited me to a BBQ at his place. Before that though, on Saturday, which incidentally was my 28th birthday, we went out to Gatineu Park to explore the Lusk cave (BTW I totally misunderstood the name when I first heard it).


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